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  • JENEENE posted an update in the group Group logo of FROM THE MIND OF CAZFROM THE MIND OF CAZ 5 years, 8 months ago

    Why should I cheat when I have the biggest dick in the world
    Why would he cheat on me when he can have any girl
    Our love for each other goes way deeper than that
    We talk we cuddle and we have little spats
    I cook for him and fix his lunches
    I make sure he doesn’t want for nothing
    He’ll do anything just to see me smile
    He holds and comforts me and never lets me down
    Why would I leave a love like that
    Why would he jeopardize me not having his back
    People so jealous cuz they want what we have
    Always doubting that our relationship will last
    Yeah I can have any man I want and any woman would love to have him
    What you don’t understand is you will never have our hearts cuz it’s bound in the form of true love

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